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    What kind of author(s) are you looking for?

    UFW is a blog focusing on Urban Fantasy Writers and the stories created by them. We are looking for individuals who enjoy writing about any of the following subjects:

    • How to’s
    • Book reviews
    • “How I did it stories”
    • Instructions/ Motivational
    • Book Previews
    • New Release Announcements/ Book Signing/ Appearences, etc
    • and other articles that will help our audience gain knowledge that will help them succeed in their career.

    What does writing for UFW get me?

    In return for your original quality post, you get the chance to introduce yourself to the community and show off your writing talents. This will typically convert to additional traffic and subscribers for your blog. You will also eventually get your own author page and each post will include a link to your website or blog.

    How does being a guest author work?

    When you sign up to contribute a weekly post to UFW, after your first 5 posts you will typically receive your own login information, and your account will be set as a contributor. Being a contributor means that your post will be published upon approval. Opportunities will be available to be promoted to author once you’ve written at least 10 posts.
    Currently most guest authors write once a week, however, how often you write is left up to you. If you only want to contribute 2 posts total, that is fine. There is no minimum contribution required.
    We do not edit or change your posts in any way. Any changes or modifications are only made by the author or by us at the request of the author. We will however make changes to the general format of the post in order to fit our site better.

    Rules & Guidelines for Guest Authors

    • The rules are in place to ensure that the quality of posts and integrity of the site remains high.
    • The post/article should not be reproduced anywhere else on the web (in English) including your own blog (neither party benefits from duplicate content).
    • Any images used in the post cannot mess up the design of the site. As a guideline, the max width of any picture you post should not exceed 300 pixels.
    • It is okay to link to your own blog if it is relevant to do so (eg. referring to a coding example or whatnot). However, you should not write articles around topics to justify a link to your blog and you should not actively encourage visitors to visit your blog. Remember, you get a link to your blog at the top of your posts, a link on your author page, and the links are clearly marked so that your site gets exposure.
    • No affiliate codes or referral links are allowed in posts.

    All articles will be blind-refereed except when invited.


    Please submit texts in MS Word, Open Office, Google Docs, Rich Text Format (RTF – preferred), or WordPerfect. PDF files are not acceptable.

    Font should be 12 point Arial, Times New Roman, or Helvetica, whether in normal, bold, or italic. Please do not insert line breaks in the text or special spacing for formatting.

    You may place an “About the Author” section at the bottom of the submission this may contain up to 5 links to your sites. No affliliate Links please.

    If you have any questions about whether your article is appropriate for UFW or would like to apply for a guest author spot , feel free to contact us.